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Post anything about my portrayal of Marco the Magnificent. I'll appreciate it.

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 Here's a weird permissions post - Marco is known to do countless pop culture references, but only in those that originated during the 90s time period and earlier. And when I mean popular culture, I mean mainstream media at the time, so if you are playing an obscure canon during that timeframe, he's likely not going to fourth wall it. He WON'T be fourth-walling anything that is past 2000.

With that in mind, fourth-wall him away if Animorphs is a book series. He pretty much knows that his  life is the sucky version of a superhero.
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Animorphs have this really important rule: never morph a sentient being's without their permission. IC-ly wise, Marco will usually respect this rule unless he doesn't. When he feels he will need to get the upper hand in any situation, he will take the DNA and morph into that particular person, permission or not.

That's where you come in. See, the neat thing about morphing is that it is purely DNA-based. For example, you have a character that is extremely scarred from war wounds. Marco acquires that person's DNA and morphs into that person, but without the scars as the scars are not something the character was born with. Basically: everything your character is born with, and if completely part of his/her DNA, then Marco will have it. Genetic memories, powers, everything.

So tell me if Marco can morph into your character and what he may or may not have while doing so! If you don't want him to turn into your character, we can find ways that Marco won't be ever having the need to do so.

IC Contact

Sep. 13th, 2014 08:26 am
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[ There's an obvious teenage boy's voice pretending to sound mechanical and dull, like a robot. ]

The Great Marco is not here. Leave a message.
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[ action ]

[ Marco is a boy used to his schedule.

Wake up, go to class, go to Animorphs meeting after school, go on a traumatizing mission, go home and sleep, and then wake up to another day of going to school, saving the world.

Wings and no need for money aside, Marco has felt . . . severed? Disconcerted? He's like a seaman without a sea to fish in. Michael Jordan without his Nikes and basketball, or Steve Irwin without a crocodile to harass.

He's like Joxer without Xena.

That said, that doesn't mean he makes a schedule on his own. In his paranoia he doesn't make it terribly consistent, but it's there.

In the Morning, Marco wakes up in whatever room he's in - he's still doesn't trust the place to really give himself a place, so he move from room to room in different community buildings. Deep down he knows what he's doing is pointless, but he just can't shake off that restless, distrustful feeling.

But still, every morning, he'll go to the Bakery and get his typical breakfast of orange juice and donuts. (Best breakfast, he thinks, although Tobias might disagree with his preferred Raw Rat Taffy.) You'll might see him stuffing his face with the donuts.

In the Afternoon, however, it is a little different.

Sometimes you might see him at the Smithy, looking at the weapons with a calculating yet distrustful expression. He won't be there for very long.

Later in the afternoon, you won't see Marco at all, no matter how much you try to find him. In fact, Marco the boy has, for all purposes, disappeared.

However, if you noticed Marco's wings from earlier - one right wing black, the other white - then you might see an osprey with two sets of wings, one a large, obviously natural set of wings and the other pair smaller, harder to see due to the black and white feathers of an osprey, but still there. An observant individual might take note of this.

Marco will be flying around, taking note of the village and other places. But you might spot him rest on top of a roof or a lamppost in the village, or a tree branch just on the edge of the woods. Say hi, and maybe he'll humor you, or poop on your head.

In the Evening, Marco will go to the Good Spirits bar. He'll drink his soda and his grilled cheese, looking around. For once, he's actually looking for company, as he slowly learns to accommodate himself in this world.

Who knows, maybe someone might tell him that maybe an Animorph was here before. ]
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I like Victoria's Secret like any other guy but that doesn't mean I want to be Victoria's Secret.

[ This is important to note. ]

I've also lost my pants. Where do I get some clothes?

[ Marco is a lying liar that lies: he never lost his pants and he is quick to figure out where to get some anyway.

But he's curious about the people here, even if he doesn't want to talk to them face to face. And he wants to invoke a reaction, but not too much of a reaction that will get him the wrong kind of attention.

And people are, like, super aware of the fear of the lack of pants. ]
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