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Name: Marco
Canon: Animorphs
Gender: Male
Age: Exact name unknown, estimated between fourteen to sixteen years of age, so I'm gonna settle for 15
Wing Color: The right wing black, the left one white

Canon Point: Book 15 The Escape, after sinking the Yeerk underwater experiment base and witnessing the Leeran possibly attempting to rescue Visser One, who uses Marco's mother as a host body.
Canon Point Explanation: This is a pretty pivotal point in canon for many reasons. It was the first time any Animorphs other than Ax directly spoke to Visser Three, which before they didn't in fear they might slip something that might give the Yeerks the real identity to the Earth resistance movement. This showed that any of them will take a risk to protect one of their own, even if it means risking their identity, risking the entire chance of Earth ever being free. More importantly, Marco finally fessed up and admits to his fellow Animorphs that his mother was alive all along and was the host body of Visser One, the leader of the Yeerk Empire.

History: Marco was once the son of two proud parents Peter and Eva, beloved and, if Visser One is to believed, a very kind and gentle boy. All that changed, however, on one stormy night Eva had gone out to the dock and sailed out to sea on the family’s sailboat, with the storm still raging. The next day, the remains of the shattered boat were washed up. Eva’s body was never found, and presumed to be dead. This took Peter spiraling down to a severe depression, which eventually resulted in quitting his prestigious computer engineering job and worked in various low-end jobs (such as being a custodian in various faculties) and on nights he merely sits in front of the TV, not interacting with anyone else, not even to his son. This forced Marco to grow up far more quickly than he should have been and learned to take care for himself and to his dad. The two of them managed to stay together and survived, but they were still broken from the loss and financial strain.

One day, Marco tagged along with his best friend Jake to the local mall arcade where they usually hang out after school. As they ran out of quarters to spend, they ran into Jake’s cousin Rachel, and her best friend Cassie, and eventually Tobias, a lonely outsider with a pendant to attract bullies. They all decided to head back to their homes, but took a short cut through an abandoned construction site.

This was where their lives changed, forever.

As they passed through the construction sight, they noticed a light passing through the starry night quickly. At first they thought it was a plane or a shooting star, but as the light comes closer toward them . . . it eventually becomes an alien spacecraft.

The spacecraft crash landed in front of them, and the door opened to a dying alien stumbling weakly from its wounds. The five teenagers were frightened and kept their distance until Tobias and Cassie step up and try to heal its wounds. However, the alien dismiss their attempts and introduced himself as Elfangor, a warrior of the Andalite homeworld. He warns them of the Earth invasion of the Yeerk Empire: alien parasites that enter their hosts’ brains and control their motor functions and can access their memories. Already they have conquered three races and destroyed many more, and so far only the Andalites have the technology and power to resist the Yeerks, who begun their slow and secretive invasion of Earth. No one can tell between a normal human being nor an infested one; and if the teenagers went to nearest human and tell them about Elfangor, the chances of them being silenced and infested themselves are very high, not to mentioned that no one would have believed them anyway even if they were lucky enough to talk to a non-Yeerk human.

However, Elfangor has one more trick up on his sleeve. With Andalite technology, he gave them the power to morph: to touch and acquire any living creature’s DNA and become that creature. However, there’s one drawback: they have to return back to their human forms less than two hours, or otherwise they will be stuck in that form forever.

At that moment, the Yeerks responsible for shooting down Elfangor's ship have arrived. The gang of teenagers flee into hiding as they witnessed a variety of Controllers (Yeerk-infested beings): Hork-Bajir, a fierce-looking but peaceful race enslaved by the Yeerks; and Taxxons, large, cannibalistic worms that allied with the Yeerks in exchange for fresh meat; along with a group of human Controllers, securing the Andalite and his ship. Soon another Andalite appeared as well, but Marco and the others soon realize it is not a normal Andalite, but another infested Controller. This Yeerk is named as his rank: Visser Three, the third most powerful in the Yeerk Empire as a result of being the first Yeerk to ever obtain an Andalite body and consequently, has the ability to morph as well.

As Visser Three walked up to Elfangor and begins to taunt him, he inconsequently reveals more information to the teenagers: that Elfangor is a war-hero, a known enemy to the Yeerks, and that humans are the perfect hosts for the Yeerks with their mass numbers and their vulnerability with their primitive technology. As Visser Three taunted Elfangor with threats of infesting Elfangor’s family, Visser Three began to morph a massive monster he acquired its DNA from a far corner of the galaxy. He grabs Elfangor and ate him alive.

This caused Marco, of course, to become violently ill and started to throw up. This caught the attention on one of the Hork-Bajir guards, and in a moment of panic, the teenagers took off and fled.

The next day, everyone was still shaken up. Marco more so, realizing that if he decides to do anything about the situation, there’s a strong chance that he might be killed, and then his father will have no one. Tobias, on the other hand, insisted that they should take a chance and fight for not just for humanity’s survival, but for the Andalite’s sacrifice as well. Marco, knowing that Tobias will fight because he had nothing else to lose, still voiced his protests. But despite his own concerns, he went along with Jake and others, specifically to find out more of their given ability and about the Yeerks. As they infiltrate their local zoo for more suitable animals capable of fighting and defending themselves against the Yeerks, they also discover out the location of the Yeerk Pool – an underground city where the human hosts go down every three days, their Yeerks temporarily leaving their minds in order to soak up ‘Kandrona’ rays as a source of nourishment for their own slug-like bodies.

In the process of gathering information about the Yeerks, they also find out that Jake’s older brother is also infested, and is part of the front organization called “The Sharing” where the Yeerks drawn other unsuspecting humans to their club – a mixture of a Rotary Club and a Boys and Girls Club – and infest them easily. So the Animorphs decide to attack the base, and cause some damage to them, along with the plan of rescuing Jake’s brother Tom.

When the Animorphs finally infiltrated and attacked the Yeerk Pool, they were soon overwhelmed by Yeerk forces and by Visser Three's terrible morphs. They barely made out alive, and already they had a casualty: Tobias has passed the two hour limit and is stuck in the body of a red-tail hawk forever, and they failed to save Tom from being a Controller.

The Animorphs continue on with their fight and despite Marco’s own protests, he went along with them, as his way of tactics started to become invaluable to them. They continue on missions gathering more information, and eventually they find another stranded Andalite – Aximili, a young military cadet and little brother to Elfangor. He joined the group as well. But for Marco, he started to cave to the stress, deciding that once and for all, he will quit the Animorphs for good.

Marco’s opposition to the war quickly ended when he discovered that his mother was not dead, but alive as the host of Visser One, the spearhead of Yeerk invasion of the entire galaxy. While initially he never told anyone about this fact, fearing they will just pity him, he then eventually admits to the team that his mother is a Controller as well. However, the Animorphs kept a close eye on Visser One whenever they can.

Animorphs continued fighting their own guerrilla war for three years, occasionally going in to space a few times (and in some instances, alternate dimensions and going back in time), and encountering many races. They have their low points, but they also gained victories. Marco’s father started to go back to work again. They had freed two Hork-Bajir and hidden them in a valley that eventually grew into a colony. They also discovered that through of unimaginable means, Elfangor is Tobias’ father. They had discovered a race of pacifist androids called the Chee, and with their powerful holograms, they become spies for the Animorphs, giving them wealth of information.

But they also had to deal with the crisis of David, the seventh Animorph and traitor, the war itself wearing them down, battle after battle. They discovered the powerful dimensional being called The Ellimist, who gave back Tobais’ ability to morph (but not his human form), and manipulates the Animorphs into being part of some long range plan for peace and liberty for the universe. Marco and Jake also had to put up with the fear that they might have to kill their own mother and brother respectively.

(They almost did.)

Marco was drawn again to Visser One’s schemes. He once tried to kill Visser One in a bid to kill off both her and Visser Three, but failed. Somehow Visser One realized that one of the “Andalite bandits” (The Yeerks, and Visser Three in particular, assumed the resistance fighters were Andalites, as they were the only ones apart from Visser Three to have the ability to morph) was actually her own host’s son. However, she kept it secret in case she needs him for help. During a trial for her life in front of the Council of Thirteen (the Yeerks in charge of the Empire), in an attempt to discredit Visser One on on VIsser Three's inability to dispose the "Andalite bandits", Visser Three set loose a starved tiger and bear as the “Andalite bandits”, and he successfully killed the bear and the tiger. Realizing her standing has become weakened because of this, Visser One sneaked a phone call to Marco, to tell him that his mother is in danger in execution. With some convincing, Marco and the rest of the Animorphs interrupted the trial by attacking it, exposing Visser Three for his manipulation. Eventually they retreated, taking an unconscious Visser One with them.

They soon discover the reason why Visser One had taken a silent, non-warfare tactic to the invasion of Earth: as being one of the two Yeerks who had intitially discovered Earth, Visser One had become lost within humanity and became “human” herself by having two human children with her own host’s and her partner’s, and developed feelings for them. If the Yeerks decided to go open warfare on the humans, then the chances of them being killed are high. There is another reason as well: Visser One had developed a healthy respect and fear for humans as well, as witnessing them constantly killing themselves in countless wars, she came to the conclusion that many Yeerks will be killed by them, limited technology or not, because if they are so ruthless to each other, anything was possible toward for her own Yeerk race as she said to Visser Three, who is proposing an open warfare tactic on Earth:

“There are more than five billion of them, Visser, and you may deride their
projectile weapons, but a nine-millimeter bullet will kill a Hork-Bajir host body quite
effectively. And Taxxons or Gedds? A Taxxon can be killed with a can opener! . . . Humans have fought thousands of wars. Thousands! We as a race have fought a mere handful. They run straight into the bullets, Visser Three, again and again. Did you know that? They attack against insane odds. They defend what can’t be defended. Outnumbered, outgunned, surrounded, hopeless, they will still fight, fight, fight till they are each and every one dead. Something you might know if you stopped posturing long enough to learn something!”

Marco and the rest of the Animorphs realized even if were the case, open warfare will still not be the best as they rely on underhanded and no confrontational tactics to subvert and slow down the invasion. They are still six of them, and are used to tightly controlled missions. If the Yeerks started to expose their appearance and started an all out war, then there is little the Animorphs can do to stop and control the damage. So Marco allowed Visser One to live and continue infesting his mother for now.

Recently, Marco’s father remarried to another woman, much to Marco’s dismay and then later acceptance. However, it didn’t last long – Peter have discovered in his work of science that weren’t supposed to be available to humans for centuries, and the Yeerks can’t afford humans discovering technology that could be a problem to their own invasion. So they plan to infest Peter. Realizing this, Marco called Rachel for back up and went after them and they saved Peter. Unfortunately, his father saw too much and it became too dangerous for him to go back and live normally. So Marco told him everything about the invasion, and about Eva’s fake death and infestation.

Marco arranged the Chee to masquerade as Marco and Peter themselves respectively the next day, as he knew that the next time the Yeerks will come back and won’t bother infestation and go to simply killing the two. True to his word, the Yeerks did come back and “killed” Marco and Peter, even though in reality they simply injured the two androids in disguise. Then Marco and Peter flee to the free Hork-Bajir valley, where they are to given shelter by other ex-Controlled Hork-Bajir. Later on, the Animorphs learn that Visser One was slated for execution for failures for various sectors of the galaxy by the Council of Thirteen. The Animorphs decided that they really had no choice but not to rescue Visser One, but rather his mother, who will be more valuable to the war effort than Visser One will be at this point, as Visser Three will obviously be getting her title and rank, and the invasion plans of Earth as a result. So they invaded the Yeerk Pool once more (as they have repeating done in the past) and begun the mission of rescuing Eva. They killed Visser One, rescued Eva and escaped.

For a while, it is perfect for Marco: his dream for Eva and Peter's reunion came true, and while there is the problem of Marco's step-mother becoming a Controller and Marco unable (or unwilling) to do anything about it. Unfortuantely, the Yeerks finally caught on to the idea that perhaps the Andalite bandits were not really Andalites, and started various blood drives and donations that collect many human samples of DNA as possible. Realizing the potential of their cover to be blown, the Animorphs invaded the bank and tried to delete and destroy any incriminating evidence - but they were caught in the act and there was a battle. All Animorphs escaped, but all of them gained enough wounds for blood to spill in battle, and soon enough, they were targeted. Rachel's, Cassie's, and Tobais's long lost mother were rescued and fled to the Hork-Bajir valley, but Jake's parents were taken.

Out of options, the Animorphs decided to take a big leap of faith and decided to create recruits out of young kids such as themselves who are handicapped or ill in some way, as the Yeerks will not consider them as suitable hosts, but they lost the morphing cube in the Yeerks in the end.

Visser Three had been promoted to Visser One, and his first act was to infest the governor and all the political figureheads. Marco and the others managed to save the governor of the state they lived in, and created the first public warning against the Yeerks. Visser Three made the order of massive round-ups of non-Controllers and force them into the Yeerk Pool for infestation. In response, the Animorphs and their new morph-capable auxiliary troopers invaded the National Guard and took several thousand-pound bombs and shoved them into the Yeerk Pool. The resulting explosion not only took out the Pool and killed thousands, but also destroyed the Mall the Animorphs frequently go to on their days off.

The stakes risen, the Animorphs pulled the ultimate mission - infiltrate the Pool Ship (the flagship of the Yeerk Invasion and the one ship that has Kandrona rays). It took massive sacrifice from the Auxillary Animorphs and blackmailing the Chee's programming into helping take the ship, as well as working with Tom's Yeerk and betraying him.

In the end of the battle the Animorphs won, but they lost Rachel in the fighting.

The Yeerks given up their hosts and Earth thrived in peacetime. Marco became a huge celebrity in Hollywood and Cassie did environmental work and work alongside with the free Hork-Bajir living in the valley. Jake became depressed and drifted while Tobias hid away from the world in mourning for Rachel's death. Ax became a war hero.

One day a group of Andalite ships was under attack from a mysterious ship. The leader of the ships was Ax, and he was taken prisoner as a result from the battle, but not before witnessing the Blade Ship that had been the place of Rachel's last battle and Tom's betrayal . The survivor of the attack returned to Earth and told Jake what has happened. Recruiting Marco and Tobias and two other human officers, they stole a captured Yeerk ship (which they christened The Rachel) and went out in search for their friend. Eventually they run across the ship that kidnapped Ax and realized that they are going into a pointless fight against the entity called The One.

The story of the Animorphs ended with Jake giving the order of The Rachel slamming into the Blade ship.

Personality: At a glance, Marco appears to be archetype of a class clown. He cracks jokes at everything and everyone, including himself. He’ll pull pranks once in a while, but he prefers wait and let people give him an opening before he attacks. However, he describes himself as someone who is “allergic to pity”. He’ll confuse this with sympathy, but really, he just hates when people get up into personal boundaries and start asking him deep questions that he rather not have the answer for. He doesn’t like going back to the pain and grief of his mother’s “death”, and his father’s downward spiral to depression. He much rather locked that all away, so he wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore, so when somebody asks him some deep and meaningful and really none of their business, he cracks a joke and laughs. He hides behind his laughter because that’s the only shield he has. He’ll flirt and annoy girls and act immature and just be a teenage brat all around.

Behind the jokes and the grief, however, is a sharp calculating mind. In the first book, it is he who correctly deduced that Tom is a Controller with very little evidence. His wariness of people in general makes him more aware of his surroundings, and he also comes to the conclusion that the Sharing is actually a Yeerk front. He reads people, and he uses it to his advantage. He is also good at tactics as well. One of the most dangerous aspects of Marco’s personality is that when he is angered, he can focused it to the point of complete and utter ruthlessness. He can direct his anger with such cold clarity, it made him to be quite frightening, particularly when somebody tries to get something out of his father or mother or any of the Animorphs. He is loyal to his friends and family, and will use everything in his power to make sure they will be okay.

He can see the clear bright line almost to the point of obsession. While he can see some moral objections to his plans and can act according to them, he just finds it easier to get it done with minimal fuss. After all, it was he who proposed the plan to manipulate Visser One and Visser Three into killing each other, despite the fact that he is also planning to kill his mother as well. The Animorphs knew this and became concerned and tried to talk him out of it, but he refused and they reluctantly followed the plan. Once he sees the bright line, there’s no stopping him.

However, only the Animorphs will ever see this side of him, as they work in a secretive war, and this war brings out the worst in them all. To the rest of the world, he’s just a kid who managed to put tragedy behind him with a joke and a grin. The worse the situation is, the goofier he’ll become.

But despite his jokes and his ruthless nature, the kid is also just one big dork underneath. Pop culture is his lifeline, along with video games and comics and television. To those who are not aware of who is the Brady Brunch or Xena is and has never watched Baywatch or read Spider-man or know the ways of the Internet, prepared to be taken wrong-footed, because he lives for that.

In addition, his talent for comedy is often taken for granted; it becomes a great stress reliever for extreme situations.

Marco has a very vivid imagination, and he can out-think his opponents within a moment's notice, and is often the winner of a battle of wits. However, with his ruthless attitude combined with his active imagination that comes with his comedy, he would sometimes at the height of his rage and despair, start to go into terrible daydreams that he will stew in for hours at a time as a result of the trauma he endured being a soldier for this silent war:

No choice. No choice. I had to do it, Dad, you understand, right? What else was I going to do? . . . . she was already dead to you. You'd already grieved, remember? You spent years just sitting in your chair, staring blankly, your life falling apart. . . See, Jake? Don't ever doubt me again. I did it, okay? I put the mission first. I saw the big picture. So just don't ever doubt me again, because I did what had to be done. . . . Mom, what was I supposed to do? I saw all the plays. I saw all the pieces on the chessboard. There was no solution that freed you. There were only solutions that destroyed you. . . .

Someday, if we won, if humanity survived, we'd be in the history books. Me and Jake and Rachel and Cassie and Tobias and Ax. They'd be household names, like generals from World War II or the Civil War. Patton and Eisenhower, Ulysses Grant and Robert E. Lee. Kids would study us in school. Bored, probably. And then the teacher would tell the story of Marco. I'd be a part of history. What I was about to do. Some kid would laugh. Some kid would say, "Cold, man. That was really cold." I had to do it, kid. It was a war. It's the whole point, you stupid, smug, smirking little jerk! Don't you get it? It was the whole point. We hurt the innocent in order to stop the evil. Innocent Hork-Bajir. Innocent Taxxons. Innocent human-Controllers. How else to stop the Yeerks? How else to win? No choice, you punk. We did what we had to do.

"Cold, man. The Marco dude? He was just cold."

-Book 30, The Reunion


Marco has the ability to morph, which is also called shapeshifting. It is not a supernatural ability or something that even comes naturally, but rather it is highly advanced genetic technology that allows the user to touch a creature and absorb its DNA inside the user's body. At that point, the technology can allow the user the ability to turn into the exact replica of the creature. However, the ability has its limits:

1) If in morph for more than two hours, the user will be permanently trapped
2) It can only be functioning multi-cellular organisms - no germs or viruses; plants cannot be morphed as well.
3) In order to morph from one animal to the next, the user must revert to its natural form before changing into another animal.
4) While it is possible for one can morph a certain animal's body parts, like legs, and then morph another animal's body part such as the head to create a chimera type creature, it is not recommended to do so. Not only does it take enormous concentration, but one will have to battle two animal instincts instead of just one.
5) While in morph, one has to take firm control of the animal's instincts, or it will otherwise take over.
6) Morphing is extremely unpleasant to watch (it is easy to assume that it is painful, and it is hinted that it can be if it wasn't for the technology to be painless), and there are only a rare few talented individuals in morphing who can make the process more visually pleasing.

7) Acquiring DNA requires physical contact. Depending on the animal or the circumstances or both, this can be very dangerous.

However, there are upsides to morphing:

1) Morphing allows a certain additional telepathic ability called thought-speak, indicated in brackets such < as this. > Thought-speak can be modified into a private one-on-one conversation or something public. It also functions like a radio, so it has a "reachable" radius, but it's not certain how far you have to be in order to listen to thought-speak.

2) Morphing is DNA-based, for both the user and the animal. If one is acquiring a sick or injured animal, then the morphed copy will not have those handicaps. The same goes for himself: if he is injured either as a human or in morph, all he has to do is simply morph/demorph and the wound will be gone.

3) Acquiring DNA comes with a trance to the animal and lasts only a few seconds.

Here is the list of morphs he has acquired over the course of his timeline in chronological order.

Gorilla (Big Jim)
Great Horned Owl
Irish Setter
Wolf Spider
Spider Monkey (unusable: Sario Rip morph*)
Jaguar (unusable: Sario Rip morph*)
Hammerhead Shark
^ At his canon point, these are the only morphs he has access too.

Tyrannosaurus Rex (unusable: Sario Rip morph*)
Cobra (Spawn)
Polar Bear (Nanook)
Giant Squid
Human (Mr. Grant)
Mountain Goat

* Sario Rip: a time flux that caused the Animorphs to go back in time. Due to timeline issues, they are unable to use these morphs once returned to their respectable timeline. I'm not sure if Marco can access these morphs in Luceti, especially the Jaguar and the Spider Monkey morph, as he has no longer have that memory of that particular Sario Rip.

Mental: For a lack of a better word, Marco is determined. He sees a goal and he goes through it, come hell and high water. Not even the issue of his mother's life will divert him from his goal, even if it causes him emotional anguish.

I have to point out that it is often said in canon that he is the most ruthless, and more often than not that is true to a certain point; but he can be swayed to do mercy. He can be compelled to do the right thing, even if he is mocking the emotional aspect of it all. Mocking the pain away is one of his ways to make living a little more bearable.

As a method to hide his pain, Marco can be charming and witty or obtusely stupid and vain, depending on who he wants to fool or to annoy (or both). It's not often that Marco is sincere, and it does take a lot out of him to be on a level of that sincerity. He's so used to hiding his emotions and feelings in plain sight long before the Yeerks became known to them that it is second nature to him. He will make jokes to crack the ice, even at the impending sight of a looming battlefield. Laughter is his crutch, but it's what supported him through the hellish years after his mother's "death" and terrible years of him being a child soldier.

Emotional: Despite Marco's ruthless attitude and his jokes, Marco is above all loyal. Before Elfangor, he was loyal only to his father and to Jake, his best friend. When he learn about the Yeerks, he was ready to jump ship just so he can stay alive for his father. It's only Marco's loyalty to Jake that he stayed as long as he could without breaking. He is the guy you would want as your second in command: someone who will call our the faults of your strategy but will back your play no matter what. Over time, his loyalty extends to the rest of the Animorphs, forged out of battle and determination, even if his relationships to his fellow Animorphs can be strained at times.

Physical: His morphing powers have several limits:

1) He cannot stay in morph over two hours or he will be permanently stuck in that morph forever.

2) He cannot acquire a morph through someone else's morph, nor can he acquire a morph while in morph.

3) Marco cannot morph one form into the other, he has to resume to his natural human form before morphing into another animal.

4) He can morph into any multicelluar animal; he cannot morph into a plant, bacterium, inanimate objects, or a dead animal.

5) There is a rare case called "morphing sickness" where the body will reject a certain DNA acquired by the morphing process. This will result in nausea and out of control morphing. There is a natural process where the body will completely reject the foreign DNA and be expelled from the individual's system, but the DNA will be recreated as the very animal, so depending on the animal this process can be extremely dangerous to the person with the allergy and to everyone around him or her.

6) There is a fundamental weakness in metal: if he is stabbed through a knife in the stomach in gorilla morph, he will have to pull it out and then morph back into human. If he morph backs into human with the knife still inside his gut, the wound will still be there.

7) While wounds are easy for Marco to bounce off from, disease and viruses are a little tricky. Being sick will sometimes affect Marco's capability to think clearly, such as the brief time when he was bit and had rabies and morphed, despite assurances he would not. In other instances, morphing requires strength and concentration, so if Marco is extremely sick he could morph away the disease, but that will mean that he will have enough strength to even do so.

8) Thought speak acts like a radio with a small radius, so depending on the amount of distance or blockage (like underground or deep within a buildings' walls), it can be difficult to make it out.

Mental: If Cassie is the one who knows how peoples' minds work and push them to achieve a goal, Marco is the very opposite of it. Sure, he knows how to make a telling lie and can make a spectacular bluff like an experienced poker player (which is how he managed to fool Visser Three and make Visser One sweat bullets on occasion), but really getting people is not really one of them, especially if he is not close to them and constantly forms a barrier around him so he won't get to close to them emotionally in the first place. He's hard, he's unyielding, and his words are like barbs when he's wants to make a point, or even hurt someone. He won't understand peoples' problems because he doesn't want to, and that can be his undoing: by not putting much emphasis on others' problems, he runs the risk of being undermined or worse, retaliated.

But when he does notice there is a personal problem that will affect him and the Animorphs, he doesn't take the gentle, more manipulative route like Cassie does. He's blunt, telling what it is what it is, and takes maneuvers to ensure it won't be a problem. When Jake is confounded with the family drama that is Tom trying to infest his father just so he won't have to go to a funeral (Yeerks need nutritional rays every three days, which requires leaving the host) Marco noticed that Jake is in for a mental breakdown and took him off his leadership position, creating a plan that will ensure neither Jake will kill Tom nor Tom forcing Jake's father to be infested or killed. However, Marco's methods can be brutal and this can put a strain on his relationships with everyone. For him, emotions are second to the needs of many, no matter how many people may feel about that (or himself), which is why he is not a good leader but a great second-in-command.

Emotional: If Marco can have a deadly sin, it will most definitely be Pride.. Marco knows he is funny and attractive, even though he frequently lampshades the fact that this doesn't seem to help him any in his romantic life. But what gives him the most pride and arrogance is his ability to look from point A to point B and orchestrate the greatest plan ever, to see through deceit and outthink his enemies. His pride can morph (pun unintended) to cruelty at times, laughing callously at those who are too weak to act or unable to see what he thinks to be obvious. Marco was once a child sweet and gentle until pain and loss turn him into a young man jaded and cunning who used his gifts from surviving poverty and street gangs to surviving a secret war waged by body-snatching aliens.

I will argue that out of the Animorphs, Marco is the one who suffered the most and learned more of the world before they even met Elfangor. We never seen any family outside his mother and father, and nobody certainly helped him or his father. With a father spiraling into depression, Marco had to be the crutch and be the supporting role. It grieved him and it was around that time he learned if you can smile and laugh about it, it can be better, even if it is a lie.

Learning the power of lies taught him at a young age that it is a way to survive, and Marco have taken that lesson to a stunning degree.

Anything else?: I have listed the Sario Rip morphs, but I don't know if Marco can access them in Luceti or not.


First Person:

I have never seen this Q&A option before so I like to go with that! Anything Marco writes in his journal in his time in Luceti will be at least half-truths and lies. ('Cause paranoia)

Third Person: When Marco first woke up, his first thought was Man, it's cold. Like, polar ice cap cold, he's surprised that he wasn't dead yet. Two seconds later, he realized he's not wearing any clothes. Not only that, but he's not wearing his morphing outfit for that matter, the skintight bike shorts that allowed him to morph into many animals with some dignity. No, he's wearing some white cotton shorts, as though he's some kind of model. Which is kind of flattering -

Oh dear God no. Marco had felt something . . . something on - no, attached on his back.

This resulted in a rather hilarious scene of Marco pivoting on his heels around like a loon, craning his neck around to get a good look at his wings: one black, one white.

I'm not just any model, he thought with absolute dismay and horror and a great deal of fear. I'm a Victoria's Secret model!

This thought put him in a fit of panic until another panic-driven thought was Wait, where am I?

That was when Marco stopped panicking and became serious. First thing he tried to do is morphing the extra wings away, but that only resulted in being a multi-winged osprey standing in a forest floor like a moron. More determined than freaked out now, he hopped to a fallen tree and saw some kind of a village up ahead, away from the edge of the forest.

Good enough as any, he thought, and flapped his wings - his real wings, mind you - into the sky, leaving his pants behind.


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